Our history.

Ergo Collective originated in 2019 with India Colonised - a podcast started by host Omer Haq focused on spotlighting overlooked narratives in colonial Indian history. By interviewing researchers and scholars, India Colonised aimed to make academic dialogues around “uncommon” historical perspectives accessible for public discourse.

Spurred by initial scholarly interest, the podcast expanded into adjacent humanities and social science realms. Additional shows like Unslant, Masala Trails, and Haqq were launched - featuring conversations with academics unpacking their work across areas from religious studies and anthropology to Asian politics and South Asian culture.

Reworking Ourselves.

While the core emphasis remained amplifying academic voices through interview-based programs, over time the founder along with a growing contributor team recognized even richer potential. They set out to evolve formats focused less on niche research areas but rather integrating academic insights as foundations for mainstream commentary on society’s most pressing issues.

Now in 2024, Ergo Collective programming stands centered in elevating marginalized views through compassionate discourse at the intersection of popular and academic discourses. We spotlight respectful dialogue around complex challenges rather than fueling outrage. Our mission remains advancing collective understanding via academically anchored yet widely accessible commentary.

At Ergo Collective, we're on a mission to make you think and feel differently about the world. We dive deep into issues and ideas that mainstream media often overlooks, bringing academic insights and marginalized perspectives to the masses through engaging, nuanced content. Our podcasts and programs blend intellectual rigor, empathy, and a dash of irreverence to spark meaningful conversations and challenge assumptions.

Mission Statement.