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At Ergo Collective, we're on a mission to make you think and feel differently about the world. We dive deep into issues and ideas that mainstream media often overlooks, bringing academic insights and marginalized perspectives to the masses through engaging, nuanced content. Our podcasts and programs blend intellectual rigor, empathy, and a dash of irreverence to spark meaningful conversations and challenge assumptions.

Letters from Home, 2004, Zarina Hashmi. Tate, Purchased with funds provided by the South Asia Acquisitions. © Zarina Hashmi. Photo: Tate

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We envision a world where nuanced social dialogue and academic insight permeate popular discourse - empowering everyday global citizens with perspectives for parsing complex world affairs.

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Every discourse, even a poetic or oracular sentence, carries with it a system of rules for producing analogous things and thus an outline of methodology.

‒ Jacques Derrida

a man sitting in a chair with a cat on his lap
a man sitting in a chair with a cat on his lap