Meet our engaging Ergons team - curious minds with compassionate instincts seeking social impact through showcasing overlooked ideas. These open-minded thinkers blend backgrounds spanning the humanities, culture industries and hard sciences. While deeply invested in intellectual growth themselves, our team remains dually devoted to accessible education for empowering discerning, justice-oriented worldviews in others. The Ergons care far more about honoring a diversity of voices over narrow ideology or outrage. Through our unconventional entertainment media formats grounded in academic rigor, this group of interdisciplinary creative professionals combines analytical skills with emotional intelligence.

Our ultimate purpose lies in incrementally expanding empathy, visibility and understanding of marginalized experiences - across offices and archives to urban streets and informal settlements alike. We remain dedicated learners forever striving to uplift discourse, community resilience and truth-telling first over individual egos or institutional esteem. If those ideals resonate - we welcome you alongside us! Let's collaborate to mainstream overlooked insights as catalysts for positive change

Omer Haq

University of Mysore; SOAS;
& The British Library / History

Creative Director

Ritika Chauhan

University of Delhi / Journalism

Host and Curator

Saniya Ahmad

University of Cambridge;
Delhi University / Political science

Host and Curator

Srushti Sharma

University of Delhi / History

Co-Host & Curator


University of Delhi / Political Science

Lead Designer and Producer

Lea De Menezes

University of Delhi/ History

Designer & Producer

Anirudh Bharadwaj

University of Mysore & Charles University / Economics

Processing Director

Dania Nayyar

University of Mysore & University of Bangalore / Clinical Psychology

Communications and PR